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How Much do Lawyers Make an Hour In 2022



how much do lawyers make an hour
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Welcome to today’s post which is going to provide some valuable information and insight into the question of How Much Do Lawyers Make an Hour In 2022? A lot of people have the goal to become lawyers or are currently working as a lawyer, so they are interested in finding out how much lawyers make in an hour.

Also, some young people search about how much money makes layers.

The United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that, in May 2016, a lawyer (attorney) earns a median annual wage of $118,160 based on the 2018 results. That means that in May 2016, a lawyer’s hourly wage was $56.61.

So let’s discuss what this means for those who are interested in making a career in law and earning an hourly wage of $56.

How Much do Lawyers Make an Hour In 2022

The average lawyer in 2022 will make $87,012 per year, according to According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, lawyers can earn anywhere from $52k to $157k annually. If a lawyer is good at their job, they can earn much more, but the salary depends on a lot of factors such as experience, geographic location, and area of practice.

Therefore, if you are a lawyer, you need to keep in mind that your salary can fluctuate from time to time.

State-by-state lawyer salaries

So lawyers’ salaries can vary in different states. This means in one state a lawyer earns, but in other states, they earn differently. So here is a lawyer’s salary according to the state.

District of Columbia$129,145
New Hampshire$122,521
New Jersey$121,164
New Mexico$89,321
New York$129,294
North Carolina$100,767
North Dakota$111,396
Rhode Island$97,142
South Carolina$62,690
South Dakota$84,454
West Virginia$85,501
State-by-state lawyer salaries

Which are the best-paying jobs for lawyers? Which are the best-paying jobs for lawyers?

My experience has shown that lawyers can work in different types of law. If they work in different types of law, they will earn different types of salaries. Also, salaries will vary depending on the sector a lawyer is in, such as a government lawyer or a private lawyer. 

The annual salary of a state government lawyer is approximately $97,440, while that of a private lawyer is approximately $146,560. 

So here is a layer of high-paying jobs in law.

  • The manufacture of electromedical, measuring, navigational, and control instruments – $208,460
  • Video and picture production – $218,360
  • Subscription programming and cable – $216,860
  • Production of computer peripherals and peripheral equipment – $221,000
  • Services for Specialised Design – $233,400

The average salary for law-related careers

As you know, people who choose to work in the law field need to have different types of law careers and salaries, as there are several types of law positions with different salaries. So Below is some information about the best-paying law jobs.

How much do law clerks make an hour?

Obviously, a law clerk performs clerical work in law as well as assists judges in making decisions in legal matters. As well, the law clerk prepares all the documentation for the judge to consider when making a decision.

There were a lot of law clerks who graduated early from law colleges or universities and were doing well in their careers as lawyers. That law clerk currently earns $24.28 per hour and $50,000 per year.

How much do court clerks make a year?

As far as I know, court clerks assist all court lawyers, court officers, and local and federal judges. However, sometimes the court clerk assists witnesses with court appearances, oaths, and receipt tracking of legal documents. Additionally, they record court agendas and draft dockets as part of these all-helping activities. The total hourly wage for all these types of work is $15.59.

How much do paralegals make a year?

At the moment, paralegals earn an average of $46000 per year and $22.46 per hour because they are assisting attorneys and law officers with administrative tasks and research trials as well as documenting all cases that they take on.

How much do legal secretaries make an hour?

There are certain duties a legal secretary will perform in law offices in order to assist lawyers and paralegals. On top of this, they can schedule meetings with the clients and opposing parties to discuss the status of legal documents. On top of that, they will also transcribe legal documents, draft correspondence and look at deadlines for filing documents for clients and opposing parties.

There is an average annual salary of $39,000 for a legal secretary, which is $19.17 per hour.

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How much do mediators make per hour?

Mediators are neutral individuals who assist parties in resolving potential legal disputes, helping them negotiate agreements after discussing their problems and helping to come to a resolution after a dispute has erupted. Mediators earn $54,000 per year and $26.33 per hour.

How much do criminal justice lawyers make?

It is estimated that criminal justice lawyers across the country earn an average salary of $49,977 per year, or $24.03 per hour, on average, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics.

How much do immigration lawyers make an hour?

In the United States, immigration attorneys earn an average of $80,187 per year or $38.55 per hour.

How Much Do Compliance Officers Make?

A compliance officer works with companies to ensure that they comply with government policies and regulations. They earn $68,000 a year and $33.13 per hour.

How much do judges make per hour?

 Judges earn an average salary of $164,000 per year and $78,58 per hour.

How Much Do Lawyers Make

Frequently Asked Question

How much does a Lawyer make?

Attorneys in the United States earn an average of $50.94 an hour as of October 9, 2022.

What are the Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Lawyer Jobs?

1. Atkinson, NE ($134,106)
2. Bolinas, CA ($132,307)
3. San Jose, CA ($125,203)
4. Diamond Ridge, AK ($122,353)
5. Barnstable Town, MA ($121,314)
6. Vallejo, CA ($121,269)
7. Jackson, WY ($124,194)
8. Frankston, TX ($123,559)
9. San Francisco, CA ($133,553)
10. Hayward, CA ($121,255)

Why are lawyers so rich?

As a result of lawyers earning more than double the average American salaries, they are perceived as rich by many clients as a result of their income.

How much do judges make per hour?

 Judges earn an average salary of $164,000 per year and $78,58 per hour.


Overall, that article was about How Much do Lawyers Make an hour and it also provides you with state-by-state information on how much lawyers make, and also how much the best-paying law job is in that particular state. Hence, if you enjoy this post, then please share it with your friends. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment.

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